Library Materials

Selection of Materials

Selection and purchase of library materials rests with the library director who may delegate some responsibilities to other staff members. The recreational, educational, and informational needs of the community will be considered in selecting materials.

The Crockett Public Library does not attempt to acquire textbooks that support local curriculum or home-schooling curriculum but they may acquire textbooks for general use by the public. Multiple copies of popular books (e.g., bestsellers, resume guides, drivers ed.) may be purchased to meet demand.

The library will attempt to have information available in a variety of formats, (book, non-book, pamphlet, magazines, etc.) when available and practical. Generally, only one copy of materials in other formats (audio books, videos) will be purchased unless long-term high demand is anticipated.

Video and audio recordings will be selected for potential long-term use to meet general interests.

Materials that no longer meet the needs of the community and no longer support the library’s collection will be withdrawn and disposed of in accordance with the library’s “Deselecting of Materials” policy.

Objections to items in the collection can be addressed ONLY by patrons or residents of Houston County by completing a “Statement of Concern” form available at the front desk.  Objections must be made in writing and will be reviewed by the library director.


Deselecting of Materials

Decisions will be based on accepted professional practice, such as those described in The CREW Method published by the Texas State Library in 1995.

When necessary, local specialists will be consulted to determine the continued relevance and reliability of materials.

Items withdrawn from the collection will be disposed of in accordance with local law which permits discarding into the trash, recycling of paper or sale by the library.

Items may not be given directly to individuals or groups unless they are a non-profit organization such as S.H.A.R.E. or the Women’s Shelter.

Discarded magazines and newspapers may be given to schools or recycled at the discretion of the library director.