How to Add Events

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Create New Event

Your website uses a tool called “Modern Events Calendar” to create and manage events. It has many features and benefits which allow you to display a calendar of events on your website.

Here’s how to do it:

**From the menu on the left, select M.E.Calendar>Add Event.

On the next screen you will add your image and text.

Add a Title.

At the top of the page, enter a title for your event.

Add a featured image.

On the “Event” tab in the right side panel, select “Featured image”>Set featured image. Upload an image or use one from the media library. The featured image will be displayed as a banner at the top of the page. Add this now. It’s easy to forget once you start adding content.

Add text and content

Below the Title you can begin entering the text for your post.

You can add an image or other formatting options by clicking the “plus sign” at the top or on the side of the page. (side is easier). Each time you hit “Enter” will create a new “block”.

Add Date & Time

On the left, select “Event Details”>Date And Time, Enter a date and time for the event. If a Holiday, check “All-day Event”. (If repeating, still enter the End date for the first day).


If repeating event, then check Event Repeating and options for scheduling will appear.


You may select a location if desired. New locations can be added here also.


If desired, choose some to designate as the organizer for the event. You may add new organizers also.

Event Status

If necessary, there options to post events as Postponed, Cancelled, or Moved Online.

Get ready to Publish Event from the side panel menu.

You can set a future date to publish the event by clicking the “Immediately” link. This will open a calendar where you can set a future time and date for your post to “go live”, or be published.

Be sure to select one or more categories.

This will help with sorting and also Google searches. You can “Add New Category” as needed.

Select a color

The theme colors are populated here by default. You may pick any color you like. Remember, the color is used as a background for the tiles displayed under Events on the Home page.

*Again, confirm that you have set a “Featured image”.

You may now click the blue “Publish” button at the top of the side menu.

Congratulations! You have published a NEW EVENT on the website!

Watch the Video


The new WordPress editor, known as “Gutenberg”, is called a block editor because the post or page is composed of “blocks”. Each block represents a distinct set of code. Each block is intended to be an easy way for the user to insert code or formatting, i.e. image, video, heading, list, table, quote, etc.

When you click on a “block” there will be a toolbar with various options for editing. More settings are available in the side panel menu. You may need to click the tab “block” next to “post” at the top of the side panel menu.

Try playing around with the “Cover” block to see how things work.

For more details see the WordPress intro to the Block Editor here.

Close Side Panel