Bookmobile Policy

Bookmobile Policy

The mission of the Crockett Public Library Bookmobile is to provide information services, reading materials and resources to children and adults who are unable to use other libraries due to geographic, transportation, economic or other barriers.  The primary function of the bookmobile is to:

  • Promote literacy and a lifelong desire to read
  • Introduce readers to library services
  • Offer popular or school-relevant materials for patrons to check out and use
  • Generate a positive image of the library by being visible to the entire community

Bookmobile Services Policy:
The Bookmobile provides primary services to senior centers, nursing homes, and housing communities. Scheduling of routine stops is determined on a monthly basis. Routes and stops may be re-scheduled or adjusted at any time based on usage data. Other guidelines for service include:

  • Service locations are provided on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Specific needs of the location serviced, e. g. handicapped, geographic location
  • Limit of 5 patrons is permitted on the Bookmobile at one time
  • Stops may be canceled in the event of mechanical failure or maintenance issues arising
  • Stops will not be made in cases of inclement weather or offered on holidays observed by
    the Crockett Public Library
  • Bookmobile patrons are subject to the same rules and policies that govern the Crockett Public Library registration and circulation procedures. Bookmobile services may be requested by contacting the Crockett Public Library, at the
    Bookmobile, or via email to Library staff will contact applicants to review bookmobile services, policies, and procedures.

Guidelines for bookmobile stops:
Applications for new Bookmobile stops will be considered according to the following criteria:

  • The proposed stop must be located within Houston County
  • Restroom facilities must be accessible to Bookmobile staff
  • Ample parking space for the Bookmobile
  • The stop must reflect the mission of the Crockett Public Library Bookmobile services
  • Any individual with a personal card may check out materials from the Bookmobile
  • Ability to provide a safe, adequately managed working environment to prevent possibility
    of harm or damage to Bookmobile staff or resources